January 2011:

January started out very foggy with no hint of winter weather or low temperatures. Thankfully this all changed drastically halfway through the month when several snow spells covered the island in a pristine and enduring white blanket.

January 2011 - Outer Cove

January 2011 – Outer Cove

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February 2011:

February started and ended with deep snow, sparkling white and glorious. Temperatures were low, roads were slippery, potholes were deep and the potholes inside the potholes were even deeper. Even so, the star attraction of this month wasn’t the weather but the many seals I saw in Holyrood.

February 2011 - Signal Hill, St. John's

February 2011 – Signal Hill, St. John’s

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March 2011:

March started with a big melt of the snow that February left behind. There was almost no day without its own snowfall though, so by the end of the month everything was still sparkling and white. During the past month, sea ice advanced all the way down to Fogo Island, but after that it started a slow retreat.

March 2011 - Middle Cove

March 2011 – Middle Cove

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April 2011:

April, I was looking forward to it all year, expecting the sea ice to return. This year once again though, the Avalon was left without sea ice so I went on a road trip to Central Newfoundland to see it there. Closer to home, spring was singing a different tune, melting most of the snow and ice on the trail, turning quiet streams into loud torrents.

April 2011 - Salt Harbour

April 2011 – Salt Harbour

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May 2011:

May brought life back to Newfoundland. Winter melted and the Gannets came back, soaring over the oceans; Puffins and Murres soon followed. Whales are still scarce, but here nonetheless. On the trail Crackerberries are shooting up and on warm days the Black Flies are just waiting for you to walk by.

May 2011 - Witless Bay

May 2011 – Witless Bay

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June 2011:

June brought an inordinate amount of rain, drizzle and fog, plenty of people doubted if summer would show up it all. When my mom came to visit she brought a little sunshine with her, and eventually even the capelin started rolling on beaches around the Avalon. On the trail all the wildflowers blossomed, attracting a lot of insects.

June 2011 - Holyrood

June 2011 – Holyrood

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July 2011:

July was very wet and foggy, which made it that much harder to see all the whales arrive. Of course, they did arrive, chasing capelin around the bays. By the side of the road, the lupins flourished, and on the trail the first wild berries sprouted from the ground.

July 2011 - Father Troy's Trail

July 2011 – Father Troy’s Trail

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August 2011:

August started with plenty of RDF but offered clear blue skies and soaring temperatures in the second half of the month. In my experience, the whales were far less abundant than in previous years, and at the end of the month they have all but left.

August 2011 - Bound for St. John's

August 2011 – Bound for St. John’s

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September 2011:

September gave us all the summer we didn’t get earlier. Pleasant as it was, it may have come too late for many of the wild berries, the blueberries for example are mere shadows of what they were last year. In both Rennie’s River and the Waterford River, brown trout were making their way upstream.

September 2011 - Waterford River, St. John's

September 2011 – Waterford River, St. John’s

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October 2011:

October was gorgeous, giving us almost non-stop perfect hiking weather. The fall foliage came, peaked, and went. At the very end of the month the island was shaken by wintry fall storms, on the coast this meant wind and mixed precipitation, further inland people ‘enjoyed’ an early dose of winter snow.

October 2011 - St. John's

October 2011 – St. John’s

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November 2011:

November brought the slow and steady freeze cycle that precedes winter. Cliff faces usually covered by a dark trickle of runoff water were encased in bright white ice, most small ponds and streams were no different, all feeling the sting of winter approaching. Near the end of the month a single storm brought vast amounts of snow to St. John’s, it all melted within days though.

November 2011 - Shoe Cove

November 2011 – Shoe Cove

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December 2011:

December 2011 - St. John's

December 2011 – St. John’s

This year’s December brought an indecisive winter, we were able to enjoy a white Christmas but the snow soon melted and there was none left by the time it was New Year’s eve. As you can see here, the Cabot Tower star looks a bit out of place in this mild weather.

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