January 2010:

In January our winter had an identity crisis, as brief spells of snowy weather were rudely interrupted by soggy wet periods of annoying thaw.

January 2010 - Signal Hill

January 2010 – Signal Hill

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February 2010:

February gave us plenty of snow with squalls, flurries and even a fierce winter storm. The relatively high temperatures caused a lot of foggy days.

February 2010 - Torbay

February 2010 – Torbay

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March 2010:

March marked the end of a short but vigorous winter, giving us a freezing ice storm and several snowy days right up until the start of the spring season.

March 2010 - Cobbler Path

March 2010 – Cobbler Path

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April 2010:

April was dreary. No sea ice, no icebergs, instead we got lots of rain, drizzle and fog. The uncertainty about our future here in Newfoundland was also a bit depressing.

April 2010 - Sugarloaf Path

April 2010 – Sugarloaf Path

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May 2010:

May was truly the start of spring this year, plenty of sunshine, budding flowers, and a few clear nights for stargazing too. Still no icebergs near the Avalon though.

May 2010 - Cape Spear Path

May 2010 – Cape Spear Path

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June 2010:

In June my mom visited us in Newfoundland for the 2nd time. No icebergs that I know of were able to reach the Avalon, instead we had a lot of rain.

June 2010 - Fogo

June 2010 – Fogo

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July 2010:

In July, Marije’s parents visited for the 1st time. The weather was almost tropical, we saw many flowers, lots of whales and plenty of moose.


July 2010 – Gros Morne National Park

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August 2010:

August 2010 - Outer Cove

August 2010 – Outer Cove

For me, August was the month I waited for capelin to roll into Middle Cove, in vain. The highlights of the month: humpbacks, finbacks, dolphins, porpoises and of course the killer whales.

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September 2010:

September was the month of delicious berry picking, visiting cruise ships and the storm damage done by hurricane Igor that left a big impact on the island at the end of the month.

September 2010 - St. John's

September 2010 – St. John’s

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October 2010:

October brought fall colours to the parks and streets of old St. John’s and to the wind swept barrens along the East Coast Trail. Trout are still putting on a show, jumping up the waterfalls in the local rivers.

October 2010 - St. John's

October 2010 – St. John’s

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November 2010:

November was exactly what it was supposed to be: a transition from fall to winter. The month started with intense colours on the trail and slowly moved towards the start of winter with flurries and even a minor squall at the end.

November 2010 - Logy Bay

November 2010 – Logy Bay

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December 2010:

December was warm, wet and dreary, then suddenly crystal clear for two days during the annual Geminids meteor shower, then damp and drizzly again. The cause: an abnormal disturbance in the jet stream, making our Newfoundland snow fall all over Europe instead.

December 2010 - Deadmans Bay Path

December 2010 – Deadmans Bay Path

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