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Life in Newfoundland

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Port aux Basques to Port au Port

When the MV Highlanders docked in Port aux Basques last month, I stood on the top deck, quietly taking in the sunrise and breathing in the crisp Newfoundland air. Fresh air wasn’t on the list of things I had consciously missed about living on the Rock, but when I breathed it in I embraced it […]

Beaches Path hike + boat trip

Beaches Path, as you can see in these pictures, stays close to the beach. It’s a great trail for family hikes, it’s not very long, not very hard, and there are lots of beaches to comb, especially on the Witless Bay side. Three years ago today I enjoyed a beautiful hike on this trail, I explored all the beaches, […]

Capelin watching

Although many visitors to our fair shores don’t realize it, capelin watching is no less interesting than whale watching. Without capelin, whales wouldn’t even show up in Newfoundland, these small fish are on the menu and the whales just can’t seem to get enough! Right now is an excellent time to go capelin watching because capelin have already rolled on a […]

Fireback whale

Closely related to the better-known humpback whale, the fireback is a far more mysterious and elusive creature, surfacing only to spout fire like some sort of saltwater dragon…

Humpback in Middle Cove

In my previous post I asked what you could possible want from your hike after you’ve already been blessed with great weather and beautiful scenery. It was a rhetorical question of course, but even they deserve an answer sometimes, and my answer is ‘whales’. In the summer time, expecting to see a whale on your hike is more than wishful thinking, in fact I’ve […]

Running with humpbacks

It’s not often you get to run with whales, but that’s exactly what I did one sunny day in June 2012, when I tried keeping up with a pair of humpbacks! While I was out on Father Troy’s Trail looking for swallowtail butterflies and trailside orchids, I heard a whale breaching in the bay. I carefully approached the cliff’s […]

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