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Capelin beaches on the East Coast Trail

We’re right in the middle of summer and the capelin are still rolling, a unique and awe-inspiring show of nature, if you know where to look (tip: check the Capelin Calendar). While capelin are known to return and roll on certain beaches every year, they don’t roll everywhere, as not every beach is suitable for […]

Stories about capelin and whales

With so many capelin and whale stories in the news these days I can’t help but look back to some of my own favourite encounters over the years. The 2011 capelin season was a particularly good season and I remember it well. Capelin rolled in great numbers on Middle Cove beach and for weeks on Outer Cove […]

Please join the Capelin Calendar

With the first week of July behind us, people are getting curious about what’s keeping the capelin. They’ve already rolled on a few remote beaches but as always, people want to fill their buckets close to home, and for many people that means close to St. John’s. When I still lived in Newfoundland, I checked […]

Underwater capelin

In Newfoundland, there is one simple question that brings people together on the beach, and on the Capelin Calendar, a question that defies time as it echoes through the ages: Are the capelin rolling? After a bit of a wait, the answer is a resounding Yes b’y, yes they are! This weekend many of you saw them roll in places like Torbay, […]

Capelin watching

Although many visitors to our fair shores don’t realize it, capelin watching is no less interesting than whale watching. Without capelin, whales wouldn’t even show up in Newfoundland, these small fish are on the menu and the whales just can’t seem to get enough! Right now is an excellent time to go capelin watching because capelin have already rolled on a […]

2013 Capelin are rolling on Middle Cove beach

What a fantastic day to see the capelin roll on Middle Cove beach! When Marije and I arrived on the beach earlier today, most people were just taking it all in, enjoying the spectacle without a single net being cast. But, Middle Cove would not be Middle Cove without fishermen, and soon they arrived, young […]

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