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Life in Newfoundland

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Last day of winter, on satellite

Today was the last day of winter and because it was so nice and clear I checked the daily satellite photos, which showed Newfoundland in all of its wintry splendour: Isn’t she a beauty? You can clearly see the ‘river of sea ice’ flowing down the Labrador coast and splitting up just above the Great Northern Peninsula, you can […]

Strong wind over Newfoundland

When it’s windy outside I like to have a look at the wind map over at Earth Wind Map, which shows you just how strong the wind is, where it’s coming from, and what it’s likely to blow in to shore from the open ocean, like for example oceangoing birds, and at this time of year maybe even […]

Newfoundland sea ice seen from space

Today was a beautiful day, the skies were so clear almost all of Newfoundland was visible from space: As you can see there’s quite a bit of sea ice coming down iceberg alley, and hopefully we’ll soon find out if it makes it all the way down to St. John’s this year…

First look at 2017 sea ice

Every season is different from the next, and so is every year. In some years there is very little sea ice, in other years a lot, and these ice movements are closely tied to the number of icebergs you can expect to see along shore in spring. For this reason, I check the sea ice conditions whenever I […]

Prince Edward Island

Two years ago I left Newfoundland to live on Vancouver Island, Marije found a job there so we relocated to the west coast… Like everyone who moves away from Newfoundland, we soon missed its cold foggy shores more than we could rationally explain. Last month we packed up our stuff once again, leaving the west coast to move to Prince Edward Island. […]

Moving to Prince Edward Island

Two years ago Marije and I left Newfoundland to live on Vancouver Island. It was an exciting new job opportunity that lured us out west back then, and now the same is happening all over again but in reverse: We’re moving to Prince Edward Island! Yes, Atlantic Canada! We’re both very happy with the news, we’re […]

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