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Life in Newfoundland

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Colourful barrens of Cape Spear Path

When fall arrives on the East Coast Trail the coastal barrens are where you’ll see the most colourful displays. In late September, bright green ferns will turn yellow, then orange and brown. Later on, in October, blueberry and chokeberry bushes will turn the headlands into a beautiful artwork of vibrant reds, an artwork you can walk […]

Newfoundland sea ice, mid-June 2017

Looking at yesterday’s satellite image it seems there is finally some development for those waiting for the sea ice to melt: The Great Northern Peninsula is no longer clogged with ice, with the exception of some small pockets in individual coves here and there. The Kittiwake Coast however, is still pretty much blocked, the ice […]

Winter wonderland, in May

We were supposed to be in the middle of iceberg country by now, but the weather had other plans for us. Upon leaving Cape St. George we received an ominous snow warning for La Scie, our next destination, and special weather warnings for many other areas on the west coast as well. Faced with ice […]

Small iceberg on HarbourCam

During the iceberg season it pays to check the local webcams every now and then, just in case an iceberg floats by, like it did this morning: I know, I know, it’s not a very impressive specimen, but one day it could be, and that’s why it pays to keep an eye on the situation. Here is […]

Newfoundland sea ice, late April 2017

Today was one of those rare clear days with blue skies everywhere, a good day for a hike and a brilliant day for satellite images: This image shows that sea ice is still present from St. Anthony down to Bonavista, but the sea ice on the Avalon is now almost gone. You can also see most of the island is […]

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