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The East Coast Trail Guide is a digital trail guide and photo book filled with information about Newfoundland’s amazing East Coast Trail, including Blackhead Path.

A free sample of Newfoundland’s #1 hiking guide is available on iBooks.

Please don’t confuse the East Coast Trail Guide with the basic maps and trail descriptions that have always been available on this blog; those will remain available right here:

Basic map:

Trail description:

Blackhead Path runs from Blackhead to Cape Spear.
Check the map for the following details:

  • The trail is 3.7 km in length.
  • The west trailhead is at the end of the Blackhead Village Road in Blackhead.
  • The east trailhead is just west of the small parking lot on the Cape Bay near Cape Spear.
  • There is easy access to Blackhead from Cape Spear Drive.

This short and sweet trail connects the town of Blackhead with Cape Spear. You can hike it in just half a morning or a late afternoon, which probably accounts for some of its popularity. As a relatively easy trail, Blackhead Path is highly recommended for novice hikers who want to get a taste of the East Coast Trail.

Be forewarned that the trail does have a bit of a climb to it, reaching 120m on top of Blackhead, which rewards you with outstanding views of Cape Spear to the east and St. John’s to the west.

Scenic spots on Blackhead Path:

  • The top of Blackhead has great views east and west.

Berry picking:

Berries you can find on Blackhead Path include blueberries, partridgeberries and there are even some small patches of bakeapples.

Photos and stories featuring Blackhead Path:

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