It’s capelin time in Newfoundland, have you seen them at your local beach yet? Yes or no, the Capelin Calendar is the place to check for and share all your capelin news.

If you’re new to capelin watching, look for these 2 telltale signs that let you know if capelin have arrived in a bay near you. The first sign: an increasing presence of seabirds on the water, like gulls, murres, and puffins:

Seabirds know what lurks below – Middle Cove

Easily spotted from a distance, flocks of gulls will often fly around in whirling circles above shoaling capelin, sometimes swooping down to steal freshly caught fish off puffins coming up from a dive.

If capelin are present in great numbers, you’ll see the second sign: whales moving into the bay, feeding on capelin for days or even weeks at a time:

Humpback whale – below the Middle Cove viewpoint

These early (and awesome) signs of capelin are best observed from a viewpoint high above the water. The circling birds can be seen from the beach too, sure, but the whales are more easily spotted from a higher vantage point.

For their part, the capelin don’t just come to Newfoundland to be eaten, they come here for a romantic getaway! You know, just them and a few million of their most intimate friends.

Love is in the water – Middle Cove beach

When the capelin are ready to get down to business, trade in your clifftop viewpoint for a front row seat at the beach, where you’ll see masses of wriggling fish rolling in wave after wave, mating right before your eyes like a live nature documentary; it’s a true Newfoundland love story! 🙂