Have you ever gone looking for a snowy owl?

In Newfoundland, late fall is a great time to do this, because these big white owls are easy to spot among the fading fall colours of the barrens where they like to hunt.

On the Avalon, two locations are especially well known for their November-December snowy owl sightings: Cape Spear and Cape Race.

At Cape Spear, just walk up to the lighthouse, then hike south over Cape Spear Path. If a snowy owl is around, you’ll likely see it perched on one of the many rocks along the trail:

Snowy owl – Cape Spear Path, East Coast Trail

One trail further south, Motion Path offers quite similar scenery and owl sighting potential. Just look at all this open ground, pretty much ideal for a skilled bird of prey:

Snowy owl hunting grounds – Motion Path, East Coast Trail

On both trails, be sure to bring a pair of binoculars so you can scan the landscape looking for anything white!

At Cape Race, about 2 hours and 20 minutes south of St. John’s, sightings are frequently reported by birders driving up and down the road from Portugal Cove South to the lighthouse. While spotting birds and other wildlife from a heated car is no doubt more comfortable then a walk down the East Coast Trail at this time of year, I’d personally pick a scenic hike over a scenic drive every time. 🙂