You must have noticed, there’s a chill in the air. Colourful leaves are starting to appear along the trail. Streams are moving a little bit faster, waves are crashing a little bit louder, and waterfalls will soon be gushing forth from the cliffs: fall hiking is here 🙂

If for some reason you’re holding on to summer, these fall-coloured hikes on the East Coast Trail will soon get you in the mood for what’s next:

Starrigans in a brightly coloured marsh – Motion Path

Walking down Bawdens Highland – Sugarloaf Path

Looking towards Maddox Cove – Cape Spear Path

Above Dungeon Cove – Spout Path

Harbour seal – La Manche Village Path

Shag Rocks Cove – Cape Broyle Head Path

East Coast Trail Guide v1.12

To help you find your next hike, check out the East Coast Trail Guide, which was just updated to version 1.12:

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