For the last two days, capelin have been rolling on Middle Cove and Outer Cove beach. The first report of increased whale and seabird activity in the area came in on Tuesday on the Capelin Calendar, and sure enough the capelin rolled later that night!

For obvious reasons I can’t be there myself this year, but I thoroughly enjoyed the show last year so here are some pictures from the capelin roll in July 2019:

Colourful capelin – Middle Cove beach

I just love the colourful backs of capelin on a sunny day. There were few people around when I was there, so the capelin were leisurely cruising along the weeds at the shallow end of the beach:

Capelin in shallow water – Middle Cove beach

Capelin on a sunny day – Middle Cove beach

Here’s nearby Outer Cove beach, nice and quiet too:

A sunny day at the beach – Outer Cove beach

Look closely at the colours on the beach and in the water, those sandy coloured areas are covered in capelin eggs! 🙂