When I visited Newfoundland last fall I was eager to explore the new additions to the East Coast Trail from Topsail to St. Thomas and St. Philip’s to Portugal Cove. At the time, these trails were in the earliest stages of development, and quite muddy and rough after a spate of wet weather.

Of course, these trails have been around for a long time, they are old community trails, footpaths through the forest, not used as much now as in the old days. But, if ECTA upgrades these forgotten gems with new steps and stairways, a boardwalk here and there, and some nice viewpoints, I’m sure they will become popular additions to the stretch of East Coast Trail along Conception Bay. 🙂

Here are some pictures from my walk on Miners Path, the ~3.9 km trail from Topsail beach to St. Thomas:

Large boulders near Topsail – Miners Path

Below the Bluff – Miners Path

Typical rocky trail – Miners Path

Above Shag Rocks, we ran into ECTA’s trailblazing crew. 🙂

Trailblazing gear – Miners Path

Beyond the halfway point, things got muddy and wet, at one point the water almost got in over the top of my rubber boots!

Wet trail – Miners Path

A window on Conception Bay – Miners Path

Views of the Bay were scarce from the old community trail, but there were some brand new side trails being cut near the St. Thomas side, and they may provide better views when they’re finished.

To get a better look at the coast, I flew my drone over St. Thomas Cove, right below the trail:

Aerial view of St. Thomas Cove – Miners Path

Looks like a nice beach, I would love a nice new ECTA stairway to get down there this capelin season!

Next month I will be in Newfoundland again, and I’m looking forward to seeing how the trails look then. 🙂