When you hike out to the suspension bridge on La Manche Village Path, you’ll find more than a gently swaying footbridge in a beautiful natural setting, you’ll also find excitable wildlife like kingfishers and seals, and a nice waterfall that flows from the La Manche Ponds further inland.

Of course, the trail itself comes first:

Trail to the suspension bridge – La Manche Village Path

Streams cross the trail – La Manche Village Path

Slippery roots on a rainy day – La Manche Village Path

When you visit La Manche Village on a rainy day there’s even more to see, as you’ll find a second waterfall cascading straight down the cliffs from the unseen Otter Ponds above:

Otter Ponds Falls, only shows up when it rains – La Manche Village

After you cross the bridge to the other side of the abandoned ghost town you’ll get the full picture:

Waterfall at the suspension bridge – La Manche Village

For this last scene, imagine a steady breeze of rain drizzle and fog coming in from the ocean and you’ll have a good idea what it was like on this wet fall day during my visit last year. 🙂