One month ago a promising iceberg chart led me to believe a good iceberg season was headed our way. Today’s iceberg chart definitely confirms that belief, just have a look at this:

Current Iceberg Chart – Canadian Ice Service

In case you can’t quite make out the numbers, there are roughly 90 icebergs around the Great Northern Peninsula, 120 icebergs along the Kittiwake Coast, 30 around the Bonavista Peninsula, and about half a dozen near the Avalon. Now, not all of these icebergs are close to shore at the moment, but many of them are. This morning I read a report that 20 icebergs are visible in the Bonavista area, and this is just the beginning of the iceberg season!

With numbers like these, there may even be some icebergs left when Marije and I are arrive this summer. 🙂