I’m often asked if the Spout is a good enough reason to hike Spout Path.

People ask because Spout Path is a long and difficult trail which takes a toll on your knees and ankles, and sure, I get it, if you’ve never hiked this trail before you want to know if seeing the Spout is really worth all that hassle.

I say YES, the Spout is worth it, and then some. Somehow, pictures and videos of the Spout never do this attraction justice, sometimes it just looks like a puff of vapour spouting from the oceanside cliffs:

The Spout – Spout Path, East Coast Trail

But on location, in person, this peculiar blowhole somehow manages to produce a big smile on everyone that comes to visit. Even better, the Spout offers a great way to refresh yourself after such a long hike, just stand downwind of the spray and let yourself cool off in its showery goodness.

And yet, wonderfully quirky as it is, the Spout is not the top attraction on this trail, as it has competition from a much larger attraction, and I mean that quite literally.

The real reason to hike Spout Path is this:

Sea Stack Cove – Spout Path, East Coast Trail

Yes, wow… An epic checkbox for your Newfoundland bucket list!

I’ve often spent my lunch break at this breathtaking sea stack, and whenever another hiker turned the corner I could easily see if they’d been here before. Seasoned hikers greet this sea stack with a smile, while hikers that are new to this trail simply let their jaw drop to the mossy forest floor, only picking it back up again to give voice to their amazement…

To give you some sense of scale, have a look at that little forest on top. There’s an eagle’s nest close by and one of the eagles often sits on top of this sea stack forest, yet when people stare at this scene they never seem to notice the eagle until I point it out to them.

If you ever feel the need to see something epic, work your way up through a series of more moderately rated East Coast Trail paths until you feel fit and confident enough to tackle the 25.4 km hike that leads you from Bay Bulls to the Spout and back, right past this jaw-dropper of a sea stack.