It may seem a bit strange sharing pictures of white landscapes in the middle of summer, but these snowy shots were taken only 2.5 months ago during my spring visit to Newfoundland! 🙂

After our great stay on the Port au Port Peninsula my mom and I had planned to go to La Scie next, but a freak ‘winter storm’ changed our plans: the forecast warned of snow, freezing rain, ice pellets and more. With La Scie worse off than other places, we decided to go to Gros Morne National Park instead:

Mom on the red chair – Tablelands, Gros Morne NP

When we got there, the Tablelands had about a foot of snow on the ground, and everything was white, foggy, and cold. My mom had never seen Newfoundland in snow so it was kind of a nice surprise, even though it was May 21st and this storm had derailed our plans of seeing icebergs in La Scie.

When choosing Gros Morne as our alternative destination, we did so with the beautiful hiking trails in mind. However, with all this snow we soon discovered the Green Gardens Trail was now the White Gardens Trail, and since we didn’t come prepared for winter hiking we had to skip it:

Green Gardens Trail snowed-in – Gros Morne NP

Thankfully, most of the snow had melted the following day and with a promise of blue skies ahead we booked a tour on Western Brook Pond. We had both done this tour before but never with snow on the mountains, and that made this first tour of the season extra special:

Ice and Water – Western Brook Pond, Gros Morne NP

While the snowy cliffs and waterfalls were amazing enough on their own, the mirror-like pond managed to add to their beauty:

Calm day on the pond – Western Brook Pond, Gros Morne NP

After this serene boat tour we drove to the other side of the park, revisiting the Tablelands to see if the trails were now more agreeable. The Green Gardens were still covered in snow but the Tablelands Trail was in good shape, so we hiked partway into the valley there:

Tablelands Trail, melting – Gros Morne NP

Since the light was now fading fast we decided to return to our cabin in Rocky Harbour, still an hour’s drive from where we were. On the way to the cabin we stopped at Bonne Bay twice because we saw humpback whales lunge-feeding and killer whales preying on a lone minke whale.

Minke whale – Gros Morne NP

The killer whales were a big surprise to me as I was standing on the beach when they surfaced nearby. When it happened I was already excited and thrilled with the minke that was putting on a show, but it turns out the poor thing was just trying to evade these unannounced orcas. As the spectacle unfolded I just stood there and watched, pointing at the scene in disbelief. The minke whale got away in the end but the orcas gave chase, so who knows what happened after that…

When I later checked online for other orca sightings in the area I was pleased to see I hadn’t imagined the whole thing: a Bonne Bay tour boat operator had spotted them as well, one day later and not far from the beach where we saw them. 🙂