Looking at yesterday’s satellite image it seems there is finally some development for those waiting for the sea ice to melt:

Newfoundland sea ice on satellite – June 16, 2017

The Great Northern Peninsula is no longer clogged with ice, with the exception of some small pockets in individual coves here and there. The Kittiwake Coast however, is still pretty much blocked, the ice comes and goes with the wind now, no doubt worrying fishermen and tour boat operators there.

Just imagine being faced with a scene like this every morning:

Ice in the harbour – Raleigh, Great Northern Peninsula

Sure it’s pretty but that’s of no use to people who make a living out on the water. That icy photo was taken in Raleigh, less than a month ago during my stay in western Newfoundland. Raleigh is in one of those pockets that is still blocked by ice today…