We’re nearing the end of our stay on the west coast of Newfoundland, and I’m glad to say we’ve already achieved everything we came for.

These last few days we’ve been touring the tippy top of the Great Northern Peninsula, visiting every little harbour we can get to. We’ve seen dozens upon dozens of icebergs, they’re present everywhere we go, albeit in the far distance. From some viewpoints we’ve seen as many as 33 of these distant ice giants, a spectacular sight if you’re carrying binoculars. The icebergs closer to land are less numerous, so we’ve only seen a handful of those.

Sea ice is still present in many areas, very scenic but also problematic for the local fishermen and tour boats. Here’s a shot from Cape Norman that shows the sea ice:

Sea ice all the way to Labrador – Cape Norman

On the wildlife side we’ve been incredibly lucky as well. We’ve seen humpback whales, minke whales and killer whales, harp seals, grey seals and harbours seals, moose, caribou, and many smaller mammals, and of course all kinds of birds above sea and land.

For more details, check out the frequent updates I’ve been adding to my whales and iceberg sightings pages.