After an absence of nearly 3 years, today I’m ‘back home’, back in my beloved Newfoundland, if only for a brief visit.

My mom and I arrived in Port aux Basques early this morning, we’re here for a 12 day visit, touring much of the west coast of the island on a quest to see moose and icebergs, two things I’ve been missing for quite a while now.

Within our very first hour on the Rock I was reacquainted with two things I hadn’t actually missed: black flies, which were as annoying as ever, and potholes, which have somehow gotten even worse. Of course, one look at the scenery was enough to make me forget all about those pesky critters and bad roads, even with less than stellar weather at our first stop:

Old stone lighthouse – Rose Blanche

Today I saw lighthouses, barrens, mountains, marshes, beaches, cliffs, snow, sunshine, hundreds of seals and even whales, yes whales, swimming right below me at Cape St. George, on my very first day on the island!

While I will obviously be quite busy in the coming days, I’ll try to post an update every now and then, certainly on my whale page and iceberg page when I see anything, but I’ll share most of the pictures after I finish the trip in early June.

Please stay tuned, I have a feeling this is going to be an excellent trip!