During the iceberg season it pays to check the local webcams every now and then, just in case an iceberg floats by, like it did this morning (picture above).

I know, I know, it’s not a very impressive specimen, but one day it will be an impressive berg that shows itselfs, and that’s why it pays to keep an eye on the situation.

Links to this and other webcams are on my Newfoundland Links page.

HarbourCam is hosted by CBC and located in the Rooms. Only in Newfoundland can you visit a museum to see works of art in a gallery, then see a natural work of art float by during your lunch break as well.

If you’re in St. John’s right now, head up to Signal Hill or Fort Amherst to get a closer look. If you want to see it from the trail, North Head Trail is where you want to go, or maybe even Deadmans Bay Path if you’re up for it.