When Marije still worked at the Ocean Sciences Centre she would often make long hours and I’d pick her up well after sunset. Driving home along Marine Drive we’d frequently see foxes on the side of the road, especially between nine and ten.

One night we saw a fox just taking in the view at the Outer Cove viewpoint, so we parked our car nearby and waited to see what would happen. After observing it for a few minutes, we got out of the car and the fox started towards us, quickly joined by another fox we hadn’t even seen.

Soon enough they were sitting at our feet, probably expecting a handout, which we did not intend to give because foxes need to take care of themselves. When they realized we didn’t bring anything they started playing instead (shown above).

They chased each other around in the fields and down the road, sometimes even jumping on top of one another, all the while keeping an eye on us. After 10 minutes a third fox joined in, there were now 2 red foxes and 1 silver fox, playing an elaborate game of tag. 🙂