The peak of the annual Perseid meteor shower is coming up, and in Newfoundland that means you need to get ready and have a good look at the weather forecast.

This year’s show will peak on the night of August 11-12, but looking at the current St. John’s forecast that night is going to be quite cloudy. A better night to witness the spectacle will be the after-peak night of August 12-13, which as of right now still has a favourable forecast.

Alternatively, any reasonably clear night this week will do, as the Perseids are already here, just not peaking yet.

Astronomers have predicted a big outburst for this year’s shower, forecasting an incredible 200 meteors per hour at its peak! If in any way you can plan a night outside, do so, because you’re not going to want to miss this!

The best place to see the Perseids is any place suitably dark and far away from the city lights. Meteors and fireballs will be streaking across the entire night sky, so there’s no need to look in a particular direction. The best hours to watch are the dark hours between 1am and 4am.

Have fun!

August 11 Update

Tonight will be the peak night of the event, and the current Clear Sky Chart for St. John’s is looking promising: it’s not completely clear but more than good enough to go outside tonight during the actual peak! Other good places to watch the show from Newfoundland tonight include Bonavista, Corner Brook, Deer Lake, Gros Morne, Springdale and Twillingate.