In Newfoundland, there is one simple question that brings people together on the beach, and on the Capelin Calendar, a question that defies time as it echoes through the ages:

Are the capelin rolling?

After a bit of a wait, the answer is a resounding Yes b’y, yes they are!

This weekend many of you saw them roll in places like Torbay, Lumsden, Middle Cove, Long Beach and Witless Bay, and many of you even shared your stories on the Capelin Calendar, very exciting!

The 2016 capelin season is not done by a long shot of course, many beaches still haven’t seen any capelin action and I expect they will follow in the weeks to come, so please stay tuned. 🙂

Because you’ve probably already seen your share of capelin on the beach, here are some capelin underwater shots instead; I took these some summers ago by wading into the water with a waterproof camera.

Up near the shoreline the situation is quite amorous, with capelin swimming through sandy gravel that is caked with eggs:

Capelin in the surf - Middle Cove

Capelin in the surf – Middle Cove

Walk a little further into the surf and you’ll find capelin that are not quite ready to commit:

Well-behaved capelin, not quite ready to roll - Middle Cove

Well-behaved capelin, not quite ready to roll – Middle Cove

"Look b'ys, he's taking our picture!" - Middle Cove

“Look b’ys, he’s taking our picture!” – Middle Cove

Yes, it’s even more crowded underwater than on the beach 😉