Signal Hill’s Ladies Lookout Trail currently offers one the easiest eagle viewing opportunities ever with a nest perched in the trees right below the trail: just bring a pair of binoculars and you’ll be treated to a free eagle show!

Another prominent but more private eagle’s nest can be found along the East Coast Trail near Mobile (Beaches Path). The longer distance from St. John’s means this viewpoint is not often visited, making for a more natural and personal eagle encounter.

I visited this Herring Cove eagle’s nest many times through the years, and one of my favourite visits was in the spring of 2011 when the rain was coming down so hard it felt like I was taking a cold shower… I wasn’t the only one getting soaked though, the family of eagles were visibly annoyed with the downpour too, mom was shielding her two chicks with her wings and dad was watching over them from above, loudly complaining to the heavens:

Bald eagle, singing in the rain – Beaches Path

Look closely and you’ll see rain coming down all around him, but that wasn’t all he had to contend with, the wind was fierce as well, some gusts were strong enough to nearly push him of his perch.

If you want to get some rainy day shots like these but don’t want rain getting into your camera, you may want to invest in some rain gear. It doesn’t have to be expensive, here’s a single-use ‘raincoat’ I fashioned from a trash bag I bought on the way to the trailhead:

Trash bag raincoat - Herring Cove, Beaches Path

Trash bag raincoat – Herring Cove, Beaches Path

Pretty nifty right?