Yes, tonight it is once again time for the April Lyrids, but don’t get excited just yet: with a full moon and clouds in the forecast it’s unlikely anyone on the east coast of Newfoundland will be able to see the show…

I know, it’s terrible! So let me cheer you up with some images from this beautiful spring meteor shower a few years back!

The night of April 21 2012 was the peak night of that year’s Lyrid meteor shower, it wasn’t just a clear night, it was a pitch black and moonless night… How could a stargazing night possibly get any better? With icebergs of course! Icebergs make any scenario better, unless it’s 1912 and you’re on an unsinkable passenger liner bound for New York of course.

Anyway, my night wasn’t on the water, it was on the cliffs, and it was breathtaking. I saw dozens of meteors fly overhead from 1 to 4 AM, and after that I enjoyed a picture perfect sunrise over the icebergs that were stuck in Quidi Vidi gut.

Here are some photos:

Lyrid meteor - Quidi Vidi

Lyrid meteor – Quidi Vidi

Do you see the meteor on the left side? Why those things always find the edge of my frame I’ll never know, it’s actually pretty easy catching them like this, it’s getting them to show up in the centre of the frame that’s hard.

Iceberg star trails - Quidi Vidi

Iceberg star trails – Quidi Vidi

The mesmerizing photo above doesn’t show any meteors, it shows the stars moving across the sky for three hours, yes, patience really is a virtue!

The next photo shows the delicate balance of light at nautical dawn, the brief moment when both the stars and the earliest signs of daybreak are visible:

Nautical dawn - Quidi Vidi

Nautical dawn – Quidi Vidi

A little later, at civil dawn, most stars were gone and a glowing sun pillar marked the location of the impending sunrise:

Sun pillar at dawn - Quidi Vidi

Sun pillar at dawn – Quidi Vidi

Daybreak - Quidi Vidi

Daybreak – Quidi Vidi

After the sun rose more photographers started trickling in, so I packed up my stuff and climbed Cuckold Head to escape them, and to get a different perspective on the bergs:

Icebergs from above - Quidi Vidi

Icebergs from above – Quidi Vidi

After a long and cold night outside, 8 AM marked the end of my night shoot, and the start of some well deserved rest.