This weekend, bright and fiery shooting stars will once again grace the night sky, you guessed it: it’s time for the annual Geminid meteor shower!

This spectacular gift from above can be observed all week long, but the peak night is this weekend, on December 13-14, which means you should go out on Sunday at about 11 PM, and brave the cold dark night until sunrise the next morning.

Meteors will be streaking overhead all night long, at a rate of about 120 per hour. At 4 AM, look towards the eastern horizon to see Venus rise from the ocean, and as a bonus, you may even spot faint comet Catalina in close proximity to Venus!

I always go outside for the Geminids, in fact I make kind of a night of it. If you intend to go outside too, the most important thing to remember is to bundle up very warmly, and to find a place that’s sufficiently dark and away from the city. Cape Spear will do nicely, even with the green light from the lighthouse; as you can see it even adds a certain mystery to the picture.

Now let’s all just cross our fingers and hope the weather behaves this year!