If you want to photograph a full moon it’s a good idea to first try it on the night before, during the ‘nearly full moon’.

Why? On the day of the full moon itself the sky is usually too dark at the moment of moonrise to make the foreground interesting or even visible. And of course, a full moon without a foreground looks the same no matter when or where you photograph it, so always try to include a bit of foreground.

These pictures take you back to September 2011 on the eve of the Harvest Moon. I photographed the moonrise from Blackhead Path, framing it with the two lighthouses at Cape Spear:

Harvest Moon over the light tower – Cape Spear / Blackhead Path

2 minutes later:

Harvest Moon over the lighthouse – Cape Spear / Blackhead Path

Ideally there would have been a warm glow of sunset light on the lighthouses too, but dense clouds in the west made sure that didn’t happen. Both pictures were taken under a sky that had been forecast to be completely ‘clear’, never trust a weather forecast 😉

For a really special lunar event, stay tuned for news about the full moon 3 weeks from now, because that’s going to be really good!