Blueberries, they’re easy to pick and even easier to love!

On the East Coast Trail I pick blueberries all the time; sometimes I take a few cups of them home but mostly I just enjoy them as juicy trailside snacks that help me keep going.

While blueberries can be found on nearly every coastal trail, I have a few favourite picking areas if I need them in quantity. One of the best places close to me is ‘in the middle’ of St. John’s, on the South Side Hills:

Wild blueberries on the South Side Hills – Deadmans Bay Path

Big, plump, juicy blueberry clusters – Deadmans Bay Path

Granted, it’s a bit of a climb to reach this berry picking paradise, but in good years the rewards are plentiful and the views are second to none:

Spectacular view of downtown St. John’s – Deadmans Bay Path

Blueberry bushes and a great sunrise view – Deadmans Bay Path

Yes, that’s the Cabot Tower in the background, the South Side Hills are just across the Narrows from Signal Hill.

Another great picking area not far from St. John’s is north of Pouch Cove, and it is aptly called the ‘Berry Ground’:

Berry Ground sign – on the way to Cape St. Francis

If you’re going to this Berry Ground you’ll find your blueberries in several clearings between the road to Cape St. Francis and a trail called Biscan Cove Path, which runs along the coast.

While you’re looking for blueberries you may also find the raspberries that grow here:

Blueberries and raspberries – Biscan Cove Path

There are many more good blueberry picking areas near St. John’s, but I wanted to include one a little further south too, on the East Coast Trail between Kingman’s Cove and Renews:

Blueberry picking – Trixs Cove, Bear Cove Point Path

The former settlement of Trixs Cove is now a wide-open field filled with blueberry bushes, it’s located on Bear Cove Point Path just 1.2 km from the north trailhead in Kingman’s Cove.

While my recently published East Coast Trail Guide is a hiking guide and not a berry picking guide, it can help you find what you’re looking for with its many references to berry picking, both in the trail descriptions and on the trail maps: