The East Coast Trail Guide, a digital book that I have been working on for quite some time, is now ready and available on iBooks.

I’ve created this book with many of you in mind, and you’ll be happy to hear it features a ton of beautiful photos taken all along the East Coast Trail.

Quiet beaches, scenic coves, towering cliffs, amazing sea stacks, magnificent icebergs, delicious berry picking, strange capelin, wonderful whales and lots of other wildlife: all the things you enjoyed reading about on this blog are now featured prominently in this new book.

Here’s a look inside:

Of course, these are just a few examples, there are over a 1000 pages with trail descriptions, trail maps and images just like these in the book.

The biggest part of the guide contains the descriptions of all 24 trails on the East Coast Trail from start to finish; from Biscan Cove Path to Island Meadow Path, from Cape St. Francis to Capahayden, and every single trail in between.

Want to go see the Spout, maybe Stiles Cove, or Flamber Head?

This book tells you where to start and how to get to all the major highlights on the trail, with detailed trail descriptions and beautifully illustrated maps. Using this book, you won’t miss a thing when you plan your next hike.

Book highlights:

  • detailed trail descriptions
  • illustrated maps & elevation profiles
  • 1650+ beautiful East Coast Trail photos
  • top 10 recommended hikes
  • contact information for attractions along the trail
  • useful websites

In conclusion, this book is for you whether you’re a local hiker or a visitor planning your very first trip to the East Coast Trail, so please come take a look at my book on iBooks, there is even a free sample chapter available: