Hello all, long time no see! How are you?

I have been well, it’s been almost six months since I left Newfoundland to find a new home on the west coast of Canada, and I think it’s time for an update.

In my last post Marije and I were all set to go on a very long journey, driving to BC in our little yellow car, with all our belongings following in a big moving container, not far behind.

The road trip was great, we had good driving weather for most of the way, which was a benefit of moving in summer. It took us eleven days to reach the other side of the country, and as expected the highlight of the trip were the two days driving through the magnificent Rockies:


Mt. Athabasca – Jasper NP, Alberta


Icefields Parkway scenery – Banff NP, Alberta


Moraine Lake – Banff NP, Alberta

Not long after arriving in Nanaimo, we found a great new place to call home, but it would be another month before we were able to move in. In that month of ‘limbo’ I explored my new surroundings, which on paper had seemed so similar to Newfoundland, but in real life were completely different.

Four months later, which is now, I’m still not used to BC as a home and I find myself frequently longing for my old life on the east coast. I suspect that my constant work on my East Coast Trail Guide has something to do with those feelings, as I am still working on it every day, completely immersed in the photos and stories of my time in Newfoundland.

The work is progressing at a steady pace, much like a hike on the East Coast Trail itself. The path is long though, much longer than I anticipated, and while I would have loved to finish it before Christmas, I may not see the end of this project until well after the new year has come.

I am currently writing and re-writing, adding illustrations, changing illustrations, browsing through so many good photos, and making sure the map is as accurate as possible; it’s a lot of work but it’s also a lot of fun.

Sometimes, when I’m fully consumed by the work, I almost forget where I am as I catch myself planning to revisit the trail for a minute to take just one more picture.

Oh well, it’s a labour of love, it’s going to take more time but I’m sure I’ll be very happy with the result when it’s done.

Further down the road, when I have more news, I will post another update.

Until then, take care!