When I left a good job in Holland six years ago, people asked me what I was going to do next. I often joked that I wasn’t going to do anything next, I was retiring at thirty to enjoy life in Newfoundland.

Now, while I have certainly enjoyed myself here, I haven’t retired, quite the opposite in fact!

Work as an outdoor photographer is both a lot harder and a lot more satisfying than the office job I had before. How could it not be?! Every day the weather allows it, I explore the East Coast Trail and come across magnificent scenery and wildlife that I only ever saw on TV before I moved to Newfoundland.

On days when the weather is uncooperative, I work at home, putting together a book. You see, the pictures you’ve seen here are the shots I take for this blog; many of the photos you haven’t seen are going into this trail guide:


East Coast Trail Guide – now available on iBooks

This digital publication will come out later this year, on the iBooks Store.

I think it will be useful to visiting hikers and locals alike, it shows the scenic highlights of the East Coast Trail, all the bits in between, and the wildlife you can expect to see. In addition to the photography, I have created hiking maps for the entire trail, including useful extras such as wildlife watching areas and berry picking spots.

As you probably know, I am leaving Newfoundland soon, so I will finish this book from afar, but I will keep you informed right here.

When there is more news about this book, I will share it on the front page of this blog, and on this new ECT Guide page in the hiking section.