With only ten more days to go before we leave Newfoundland, I think it’s time I announced the new blog:

This fresh new blog has all the news about the move, the journey to the other side of Canada, and of course eventually it will become the blog where I’ll share our experiences on Vancouver Island.

You’ll see it all looks a bit different, I still have to get used to it myself to be honest… The theme I used for newfoundsander wasn’t available anymore but the basics remain the same, there’s a menu, there’s a search box, only they’re now on the left. The appearance of the new blog may still change in the near future.

Right now I’m very busy and still in Newfoundland of course, so there’s not a whole lot of content yet, I started the new blog on May 1st and kept it private until today, just so it wouldn’t look empty on day 1.