There are a ton of icebergs on the east coast right now.

These last 2 weeks I’ve been looking at all the bergs near me, but today I drove down south to see what I could find there. To make a long story short, icebergs are almost everywhere, I saw them in all shapes and sizes all the way down to Cappahayden.

Here are some pictures:


Boat rides – Ferryland

Small iceberg – Ferryland

There were several icebergs in Ferryland, this one was close. The overcast weather makes it a little easier for the details to stand out.

Island Meadow Path

Trail’s end – Island Meadow Path

In Cappahayden there was a large iceberg on the horizon, when I walked out to it on the trail I was accompanied by a small dog:

Trail companion – Island Meadow Path

This friendly fur-ball followed me everywhere I went, ran ahead of me, patiently sat down next to my tripod as I was taking pictures. This was the 3rd time a strange dog accompanied me on a hike, I don’t know why they do so but it’s always nice.

Here’s a closer look at the Cappahayden iceberg:

Larger icebergs stay on the horizon – Island Meadow Path

Smaller icebergs closer by – Island Meadow Path

Bergy bits get real close – Island Meadow Path

Witless Bay

On the way back home I saw a mink sitting by the side of the road with a fish in its mouth. I pulled over immediately, but it was gone by the time I was out of the car. When I went looking for it a yellowlegs got upset with my presence:

Yellowlegs – Witless Bay

I hope the sun will return tomorrow, so I can get a brighter look at all the icebergs 🙂