Our car is in the shop, getting ready for the big trip across the country, so these last few days I’ve been ‘grounded’ in Torbay, kind of like this iceberg:

Iceberg sunrise – Father Troy’s Trail

A dark band of clouds on the eastern horizon obstructed any chance of a ‘real’ sunrise shot, but the hike was still better than sleeping in. Further up the trail I got a nice surprise when a humpback whale surfaced inside Torbay Bight, that’s awfully close to shore for this time of year, and a good sign of things to come, I hope.

Here’s 2 more shots of the iceberg, from the sunlit side this time, showing some detail:

Iceberg surface details – Father Troy’s Trail

You can see that icebergs are not as smooth as they appear to be from a distance, they have a surface marked with lines, cracks, and a golfball-like texture:

Iceberg surface details closeup – Father Troy’s Trail