No it May not.

I’m sure a collective sigh swept over the Avalon this morning, when everybody woke up to a shiny white blanket of snow.

Instead of driving through this slippery and slushy snow, I just started my hike from home, there is still an iceberg in Torbay after all:

Snowy foggy trail – Father Troy’s Trail

Snowy trail, foggy iceberg – Father Troy’s Trail

Some broken-off pieces of the iceberg have made their way into Tappers Cove:

Iceberg pieces in Tappers Cove – Father Troy’s Trail

Small they may be, but they are larger below the waterline and I heard them banging up against the brand new dock quite insistently, putting it to the test:

Testing the new dock – Father Troy’s Trail

Larger below the surface – Father Troy’s Trail

And here’s the iceberg that spawned these little pieces, just north of Tappers Cove:

Iceberg in the fog – Father Troy’s Trail

Iceberg in the fog, with gulls on top – Father Troy’s Trail