As you have probably noticed, I am rather fond of icebergs. I could write a post called “Icebergs in *insert location*” every day, because they are almost everywhere now.

This morning I saw 11 icebergs (!) from Signal Hill, most of them in the distance, and then this afternoon I saw 19 icebergs (!!) from Pouch Cove, also mostly in the distance. It will take some fortuitous winds to bring all these bergs close to shore, and that’s exactly what I’m hoping for!

The Pouch Cove icebergs:

Icebergs near and far – Pouch Cove

This nearby iceberg is easy to get to: just park at the Pouch Cove ball park and walk from there directly towards the sea. No need to hike for this one.

In Flatrock, there was a lot of ice on the ‘beach’. Many beaches have ice like this at the moment, and it’s great stuff to break up, put in your freezer, and use in your drinks in the summer:

Iceberg pieces – Flatrock