You know that feeling of snow and hail hitting your eyes at gale force? It hurts!

If you’re unfamiliar with this feeling and you want to see an iceberg, Cape Spear is the place to be right now. I spotted several small icebergs off Signal Hill this afternoon, and drove out to the Cape to get a better look. To my surprise, there was one right below the main parking area, getting pummelled in the violent waves.

Once I got out of the car the wind was fierce, almost unfit to walk in. I did take a picture of the iceberg though:

Two small icebergs – Cape Spear

Pieces were breaking off left and right, this one had a blue vein:

Blue veined ice – Cape Spear

I must say I’m very happy to see so many icebergs, even with all this lousy weather! 🙂