Yesterday’s Bauline iceberg was still there today, a little closer, and a little smaller. Icebergs melt, tumble and turn, break into pieces, and look different every day. Today’s Bauline iceberg looked nothing like yesterday’s version:

Iceberg – Bauline

Still pretty though! And easily the most conveniently located iceberg to go see right now.

After Bauline, I saw 5 more icebergs on our side of the coast. 3 on Biscan Cove Path, close to Cape St. Francis, and 2 on Stiles Cove Path. All but one of them ‘tabular’. Here’s a few pictures of 1 of the bergs at Stiles Cove:

Tabular iceberg near Stiles Cove – Stiles Cove Path

Iceberg bay – Stiles Cove Path

Iceberg in rough sea – Stiles Cove Path

The waves were rocking this iceberg back and forth, making it crack and break off pieces several times while I was there.