Wow, double-digit temperatures yesterday and today! And I mean above zero!

There is still a lot of snow around but these ‘high’ temperatures are melting it in record time; yesterday we had a foot of snow on the lawn, now it’s all gone. This morning I went for a hike on Father Troy’s Trail to see what the weather was doing for the snow on the trail, and it was pretty much as I expected: plenty of snow left on the sheltered parts, lots of ice on the well-trodden parts, and soft soggy ground where the snow has finally melted.

Near Church Cove I ran into this:

Spring waterfall – Father Troy’s Trail

I added the red line to show you how I usually cross this small stream, over a couple of stepping stones. Today the spring run-off transformed this peaceful waterfall into a raging river, well, almost.

For good measure I also checked out the waterfall on Silver Mine Head Path, this river is difficult enough to cross on a regular day, now it was just an accident waiting to happen:

Motion River Falls – Silver Mine Head Path

Oh, and I saw my first blackfly of the season! Good times ahead! 🙂