Last year a pair of Bald Eagles moved into a nest on Cuckolds Cove Trail, a mere 10 minute walk from the Cabot Tower on Signal Hill.

This year they have returned to the same location, as is customary for Bald Eagles. They’ve been on their nest for a while now, and today I walked down the trail to have a look for myself, and to count the eggs. Last year they had two eggs, of which one hatched, and one young eagle was successfully raised.

This year I count two eggs again, as does this eagle upon returning to the nest:

An eagle counting eggs - Cuckolds Cove Trail

An eagle counting eggs – Cuckolds Cove Trail

Apparently, one visiting bird watcher counted three eggs earlier, I don’t know if this was a miscount or perhaps one egg is just out of view in this picture. We’ll see next month when the eggs hatch, probably somewhere in the first two weeks of May.