The White Hills are the hills just north of Quidi Vidi, and this morning they were bright white hills, with lots of fresh snow. I hadn’t hiked there yet this winter so today was a great day for it, with the sun out and everything nice and cold. I did not bring my snowshoes because this trail has so many ups and downs, I figured it’d be easier with just my regular hiking boots.

Starting out I had blue skies all over but soon enough a big snow squall overtook me and I didn’t see much of anything for the next hour. I knew it had to end some time so I just continued up the hill, carefully finding sure footing under the thick blanket of snow.

Here are some pictures:

Quidi Vidi in fresh snow – Sugarloaf Path

Blue sky over White Hills – Sugarloaf Path

Fresh snow everywhere – Sugarloaf Path

Yes that’s me in the lower right corner…

When I reached the top of Bawdens Highland the squall had passed and the sun returned, here’s the awesome winter view towards Small Point:

What a view! – Sugarloaf Path

Let’s hope we get more great winter days like this one in February! 🙂