In late-November of 2013 we had an invasion of snowy owls. At Cape Spear I saw them for weeks, my highest count was 8 of them on one hike.

Today I walked to North Head on Cape Spear Path to see if any of the owls had survived the severe winter weather we endured earlier this month. The hike was good, the wind was a bit cold, the snow was barely ankle-deep, but I didn’t see any snowy owls in the snowy landscape:

Fresh snow on the trail – Cape Spear Path

The open barrens, preferred by snowy owls – Cape Spear Path

View from North Head, towards Maddox Cove & Petty Harbour – Cape Spear Path

Granted, there might be a snowy owl in there somewhere, they are coloured to blend in with the snow after all.

If you still want to see a snowy owl, your best bet is to explore the road from Portugal Cove South to the Cape Race lighthouse, where 7 snowy owls have been sighted recently by the light keeper.