On a casual stroll around Quidi Vidi Lake today, I saw several interesting birds. Before even getting out of the car, I noticed two bald eagles sitting on the centre of the frozen lake. Eagles are such a common sight here in winter, that it puzzles me that some people still manage to overlook them.

Bald eagles – Quidi Vidi Lake

Next up was a peregrine falcon, it was perched in a high tree and did not object to getting its picture taken:

Peregrine falcon – Quidi Vidi Lake

After that came a duck. Yes a duck. I know ducks do not immediately come to mind when thinking of ‘special birds’, but this male wood duck passes the test ‘swimmingly’:

Wood duck – Quidi Vidi Lake

To finish off the list, there were several cormorants swimming around and sitting on the edge of the ice. To my surprise, 6 people came up to me (separately) when I was taking this picture, asking me what kind of birds they were! Apparently this locally quite common bird is not well known:

Just a couple of plain old cormorants – Quidi Vidi Lake