This afternoon I hiked to the La Manche suspension bridge to see what it was like in winter.

The Hungry Hill access trail was covered in deep snow but on top of it a fresh path had been created by all the snowshoers who walked there before me. This hardened snow path held my weight for most of the way, even without using snowshoes myself, but sometimes I fell through the crust, finding the actual path below the snow at about half a metre deeper.

Trailhead – Hungry Hill

Fresh snowshoe path – Hungry Hill

The Quarry – La Manche Village Path

Suspension bridge in winter – La Manche Village Path

It was a cold day, with a windchill approaching -30℃. Tonight the forecast is calling for -33℃ and I can only remember a couple of times we’ve seen temperatures that low since we moved here.

Today's Weather

Today’s Weather

Anyway, I was bundled up pretty good, so it didn’t bother me all that much. At the bridge I saw the usual winter wildlife, a shy kingfisher, an annoyed harbour seal, some loons in the distance and as the star attraction I was glad to find two dovekies, locally also called bull birds:

Dovekie – La Manche Village Path

The dovekies were feeding right below the bridge, so when they dove down I was able to follow them under the water, where they spent most of their time while I was there. These black and white birds are so small and cute, it’s a pleasure seeing them in their natural habitat like this!