It’s time to start wearing a winter jacket again, today was just too cold.

Light tower – Cape Spear

I was looking for snowy owls again at Cape Spear, but the wind was so strong and cold that I ended my hike early. In total I counted 5 owls, but they were all in the distant marshes and near the forest’s edge, on the lee side of the hills.

In this picture they are little more than tiny white dots:

Tiny white dots – Cape Spear Path

It’s a bit silly perhaps, showing you a picture like this, but it does demonstrate that even a big white owl can blend into the landscape, almost.

Here are two more shots from today, by the look of them it’s hard to tell how cold it really was, it almost looks warm with all that sunlight:

My shadow – Cape Spear Path

The old lighthouse – Cape Spear

When I got home, Marije made me a hot chocolate, just what I needed!