After 6 months of awesome weather these last 2 cloudy weeks have reminded me that we’ve just been very lucky this year, and now we’re back to normal.

With a forecast like this, it’s unlikely we’ll see comet ISON before it reaches the sun on the 28th:

lousy weather

lousy weather

Because of this weather I’ve also been holding out on daily outdoor activities, that’s why the blog has been quiet for a while, it’s just too dreary outside.

North Head Trail

This afternoon though, I enjoyed a brisk walk on North Head Trail; big clouds passed overhead mixed with plenty of sunny breaks. Here are some pictures:

Mural near The Battery – St. John’s

In the old days, the entrance to St. John’s harbour was closed at night by means of a chain that stretched between Pancake Rock and Chain Rock:

Chain Rock in The Narrows – North Head Trail

St. John’s in the background – North Head Trail

Looking into the glare – North Head Trail

Cabot Tower on Signal Hill – North Head Trail

Cuckolds Head in the sun – Ladies Lookout Trail

Dogberries – Ladies Lookout Trail

Cabot Avenue – St. John’s