It’s so cloudy. Too cloudy…

It reminds me of last March, when an enduring overcast made it difficult to see comet Panstarrs over Newfoundland.

This week I’ve been getting up early to see if I was able to see the next comet, comet ISON. I was even holding out on posting this little story until I had my own picture of ISON to go with it. But alas, no such luck, the clouds must know I want to see another comet…

ISON is currently heading towards the sun, and brightening along the way. In 2 weeks time we’ll know if it survives the encounter, and if it does, we can expect to see it again around my birthday, halfway through December.

If you want to see this comet too, and your location is not covered with clouds, look east about 2 hours before sunrise. Bring binoculars and find the constellation Virgo (near the horizon), you’ll find ISON just to the right of it:

Sky chart location of Comet ISON, for November 17

Sky chart location of Comet ISON, for November 17