Just a heads-up for all you campers out there: be cautious when setting up your tent at Miner Point on Motion Path, it may be knocked down by an ambitious beaver.

The stream that used to flow out of the forest near the back of the campsite, has been dammed. By doing this the beaver has created a small pond and he/she has built a lodge right in the middle of it. The trees inside the campsite are next on the agenda, the beaver has already taken down a few and has started preparations for even more construction work. It may take a while, but it would not surprise me if half the campsite will be flooded in the next phase.

Since this picture is quite cluttered, I marked the dam with a line. Left of the dam you can see the beaver pond and lodge, the campsite lies to the right:

Beaver lodge, pond & dam – Miner Point Campsite, Motion Path

This next image is inside the campsite, I’m actually standing in a spot designated for a tent. The beaver has already started on a tree that could fall on a camper that sets up there:

Beaver sign – Miner Point Campsite, Motion Path

Here’s one of the trees that has already fallen, you don’t want these things on your tent let alone on your head:

Tree felled by beaver – Miner Point Campsite, Motion Path