The hike from Pouch Cove to Biscan Cove runs mainly through the forest, with an easy return over the ‘main road’, and that’s exactly what Rogier and I did today.

Forest trail – Biscan Cove Path

Coastal forest – Biscan Cove

Inside the forest we saw squirrels and moose tracks, on the open viewpoints we saw gannets diving and a bald eagle soaring, and on the return walk we mainly saw other people; Biscan Cove Path is a popular trail.

The eagle we saw kept its distance, but Rogier got a good look through the binoculars:

Rogier watches an eagle – Biscan Cove Path

At the old wharf – Biscan Cove

Lobster pots at the old wharf – Biscan Cove

The helicopter platform marks the end of the road, it’s the place where you either extend the hike or return to Pouch Cove over the main road:

Cape St. Francis – White Horse Path