Marije and I enjoyed a fun day outside today! 🙂

First we hopped on a boat tour in Bay Bulls, they showed us a great coastal perspective of Spout Path, a trail I’ve hiked dozens of times so it was great showing Marije where I go when I’m off to see the Spout.

This is the Bull Head Light, you can see some hikers to the left of it, and a big shallow sea cave below:

Bull Head Light – Spout Path

The ferns along the trail are starting to change colour, turning yellow and orange:

Fall colours near the turn of Bald Head – Spout Path

This is the Chaver, a big gash in the cliffs, when you approach it from the trail you have to climb all the way up and around it:

The Chaver – Spout Path

Next up is perhaps the most spectacular sea stack on the east coast, it stands free from the other cliffs but that’s a bit hard to see from this angle:

Sea stack in Sea Stack Cove – Spout Path

If you want to get a proper view of this sea stack, hike out to it on Spout Path.

This is the Spout, it wasn’t very active today because of the calm sea, still it delighted the passengers on the boat:

Oceanside view of the Spout – Spout Path

And this is in Bay Bulls again, after the long trip back south:

Back into Bay Bulls – Spout Path

After the boat trip we drove down to Ferryland where we had reservations for a picnic at the lighthouse:

Marije and our picnic – Lighthouse Picnics, Ferryland

The food was delicious, and the setting gorgeous, as you can see.