Whales and puffins are a beautiful but quite common sight during a summer at sea, much more rare and exciting are the glimpses you get of the ocean wildlife that is not of the mammalian or avian kind.

For example, this basking shark first approached us with its mouth wide open, it might have worried us if it was any other shark, but in this case it was just filter-feeding near the boat. At about 2.5 metres in length this shark is still young, these guys can grow up to become 12 metres long:

Young basking shark – Witless Bay Ecological Reserve

I have been waiting for what seems like forever to see an ocean sunfish, so I was very excited when I finally saw one swimming near the surface, apparently enjoying the sunshine. This 1 metre individual is also just a small version of the giant it could some day become:

Ocean sunfish – Witless Bay Ecological Reserve

Jellyfish are common enough, I see them every day, but a super-school of moon jellyfish was a spectacular sight! These jellies are actually what the sunfish come here for:

Swarm of moon jellyfish – Witless Bay Ecological Reserve